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Alon and new in NYC, on a napkin style dream, Noga script a two person show, crowdfunding, showcased, the team joined, running shows, $$, no connections, no clue.

a joint venture with the Israeli Academy Award winning actress, Mili Avital.

An NYC-based sketch-comedy show about cultural conflicts in the startup world/immigrants. 

NEXT STOP has had SOLD OUT runs since 2016 in NYC, LA and Palo Alto. 


The Story follows Hazan, a millennial Israeli entrepreneur who moves to New-York City to pursue his business ideas. He meets Maya, an Israeli New-Yorker who has been trying to make it as a stage actress. The date didn’t turn out well due to their overly dominant personalities. We follow them as they continue on their separate journeys and engage in various comic interactions that highlight the cultural struggles and romantic frustrations of young ambitious immigrants.

The show is a mix of comedy and music with two actors who play numerous characters, performed in a cabaret or comedy club setting. It is tailored to an international audience and anyone interacting with immigrants.

"An inspired and hilarious look at two Israelis trying to make sense of America -- and each other. I  don't think I've ever quite seen something like it!”


best-selling writer​​​​

“Funny and compelling ....bursting with charisma from Ben Perry and Noga Milstein under the excellent direction of Mili Avital."



Actor, Director, Produce​

“A laugh out loud show!”



(Producer, Writer, Director)

Born in Jerusalem, moved to New York in 1994. Among her American films: Stargate (Dir. Roland Emmerich), Dead Man (Dir. Jim Jarmusch), Kissing a Fool (Dir. Doug Ellin), The Human Stain (Dir. Robert Benton), The End of Violence (Dir. Wim Wenders). Among her television work: recurring roles on Damages (FX), Law & Order SVU (NBC), Scheherazade in Emmy nominated Arabian Nights (NBC mini-series). Among her work in Israel: Over the Ocean (aka Me’ever Layam) for which she received the Israeli Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress (1991), the cult movie Colombian Love, Noodle (Ophir Award nomination for Best Actress 2007). On TV she starred in Prisoners of War (aka Hatufim, Keshet, 2010), which was adapted to Showtime's Homeland, for which she received an Israeli Television Academy nomination for Best Actress. She starred in Clues (aka Noflot Al Haraglyim, Keshet, 2017). Directed I Think Myself I am All the Time Younger, (short documentary, TriBeCa Film Festival, Jerusalem Film Festival 2004). Next Stop is her stage directorial debut.


(Music Director, Original Music, Sound Design, Live DJ)
Ann is a Music Producer, Sound Designer, DJ and Keyboardist based in New-York City. Before moving to NYC in 2014 Ann lived in Tel-Aviv where she performed as a keyboardist, programmer, and vocalist with some of Israel's most prominent live musicians. As a DJ/producer Ann has been playing clubs and private events for over 15 years, playing mostly House, Disco and Hip Hop. Ann has performed at different prestigious events such as before presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton and First Lady Michelle Obama and for Israeli president Shimon Peres.
Between 2015-19  Ann released 3 EPs with original tracks that were featured in more than 40 compilation albums around the world featuring remixes by top DJs. 
Ann is a producer, writer, and performer in the international electronic opera STRIKE! When not on stage, Ann works as a composer and sound designer for video, animation, and video games.


(Creative Collaborator, Performer, additional dialogue)

Born in Israel and raised in London and Los Angeles. He is a graduate of Nissan Nativ Theater school, and founded with his classmates the acclaimed Israeli theater company Odd Birdz (aka Tziporela) who perform original work all over the world as well as off-Broadway. Their collaborators include the Inbal Dance Company, Orna Porat Theater, The Haifa Theater. Ben also has screen credits are the TV series Exposed and Papadizzy, and the films Crying Suzanna, Herod’s Island.


(Producer, Writer, Performer)

Miami born - Israeli raised, Noga started her stage career at age six, graduated from School for the Performing Arts Beit-Zvi, and earned a B.Ed specializing in Theater Directing with honors from the Kibbutzim College. Highlighted stage and screen credits include Rebound, a short film at the Cannes Film Festival 2012, The National Cameri Theater Israel, World Wide Lab International Theater Festival NYC, Kibbutzim Dance Company Israel and Thespis Theater Festival NY. Recipient of the American-Israel Cultural Foundation scholarship for excellence in dance. Noga conceived and produced  the first version of Next Stop at the Broadway Comedy Club in 2016.



(Music Director, Music, Sound Design)

Omri Anghel is a Music Producer, DJ, sound designer, actor, writer, and director who was born and raised in Israel and is based in NYC. Anghel is currently the resident DJ at NYC hotspot HaSalon where he plays an eclectic mix of middle eastern jams and Western pop classics.

Anghel’s original dance music, as well as productions and remixes for other artists since the early 2000’s have been released on acclaimed record labels such as Strictly Rhythm, Jellybean, Tommy Boy and others. Anghel’s own comedy infused music video creations and film sketches have been featured on prime time Israeli TV and have gained viral popularity on YouTube and Facebook with over 4 million views. In late 2019 Anghel finished scoring the original music for the feature film “Empathy Inc.” which is now in theaters and streaming platforms.


(Theme Song) 

Yoni is a successful Israeli musician and performer with 3 top selling Records on the largest record label in Israel. Yoni produced and recorded tracks for Israeli biggest artists and composed music for well-known TV shows, movies and theater. Yoni also participated as a judge in the Israeli version of American Idol. Beside his music career Yoni is also the CEO and Co-Founder of EKO, a NY based Media startup company that creates interactive video technology.



Barak is an Israeli poet and lyricist. He studied both Drama writing and copy-writing. His poets were composed by many top artists and for many TV shows and theater plays in Israel and he is the author of two books. Besides being a poet Barak is also a veteran Hi-tech manager with over fifteen years of technology and management experience. He has a BSc in Electrical Engineering and is the co-founder of Eko together with Yoni.

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