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“Cabaret” Review by Haim Noy Journalist, Editor-In-Chief:


“Noga Milstein stood out as a charming attractive performer who excelled in singing and dancing.”



 "Elevators to Eden" by Olivia Birggs, screen & televition writer:


“Serious kudos to director Noga Milstein for her use of stage, lightning and minimal set pieces. Her staging was innovative, graceful and practiced. She is a new young force on the local theater scene, and fans should look forward to her subsequent contributions to the stage.”

"Be My Baby” Stage magazine:


“Noga Milstein in the roll of Quenny- Mary’s roommate, delivers an excellent believable performance. She is full of potential, and there is no doubt we will be hearing more about her in the future.”

"Tell me a tale" news 1:


"Noga Milstein is an incredible actress, superb and excellent. She plays the role of a charming Little Red Riding hood, while captivating the stage and the audience’s hearts. She has excellent acting, singing and movement abilities."

"Golden Girls” Premier Review Café the marker:


“Noga Milstein played the roll of Hillary Davenport- representative of the funding company.

Noga is a versatile, talent filled, wonderful actress.

When adding her splendid and sometimes bizarre wardrobe collection to her flowing performance, one finds an extremely high quality potential.”


“Be My Baby” Review by Eli Lionne,Theater Auditor


“In the roll of Queeny- Noga Milstein, has a strong presence on stage.              

Her acting was free, liberated and natural. She was realistic, honest, a good friend to Mary, yet vicious at times while being honest and truthful.”


Screen Shot 2020-05-27 at 12.32.47

creator and writer of "Next Stop". הרוח החיה מאחורי ההצגה ולא רק על הבמה. המון כשרון מעט אמצעים.

A special performance

"Oh Broadway" 

נגה מילשטיין תנצח את ברודווי

"American dream" 

נגה מכניסה את כולם לכיס הקטן

Milstein is the writer, producer and co-star of “Next Stop”

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